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Trending: Hot For Summer 2018

Bathroom tiling or wall finishes can make or break a bathroom and renovating this space can be one of the most costly projects in a home. We are bombarded by inspiring imagery and bathroom tile trends on a daily basis. Therefore, if you are looking to take the plunge and revamp this room it can be particularly daunting choosing the right wall finishing, as depending on the size of the bathroom, this could be the biggest expenditure of the project.

Should you opt for a plain tile for longevity? Or express yourself and interior tastes by choosing a bold pattern or bright colour? Looking at the most recent bathroom tile trends is an excellent start to choosing wall or floor finishes for a bathroom. This can help to determine new looks on the scene, which will keep the room looking stylish for longer. Let’s consider some of these trends and where they fit into our lives….


Last year was still the year of the subway tile but we predicted that people would find chic new ways to display them which saw the rise of the herringbone tile. Now a huge trend in its own right, the herringbone tile is only gaining in popularity for 2018 and is perfect for either walls or flooring. Offering the same allure as classic parquet flooring, the striking design can be recreated in your bathroom using plain or colored tiles, or if you are really looking to wow, you can mix hues for an even bolder look. The perfect why to inject instant sophistication to the room, herringbone tiles are definitely the new tile pattern on the block for 2018.



Perhaps the most used color in the history of bathroom design, blue had disappeared in the bathroom style in recent years, however in 2018 it will be back with a bang. Indigo is set to be the big hue to watch out for but azures and turquoise will also be making a resurgence. Fabulously fresh, blue and bathrooms go hand in hand, but this year’s trend is all about adding sophisticated elements to give the look a stylish edge. Think inky blue walls with gleaming brass faucets and accessories shown with vibrant blue tiles in unique, eye-catching patterns like the small scale Moroccan inspired design.



Choosing the perfect flooring for your bathroom can be just as much of a minefield as choosing the wall tiling. However, as floor space is usually a lot smaller than wall space, flooring is far easier to replace than wall tiles. Because of this it could be more cost efficient to add more daring designs to your bathroom through the flooring which can be changed a few years down the line if your tastes change. We named statement flooring as one of the big trends to watch out for last year and it will still be making a bold impact in 2018. An excellent complement to plain white or neutral tiles, even in delicate colors themselves, they still pack a big interior punch that transforms the room instantly.



Natural elements will be infiltrating the whole home in 2018 including the bathroom. Inspired by the need to add a hint of the natural world to our interiors which have become overwhelmed with technology, the interior industry is full of pared back, natural looks which will be continued through to the bathroom. The best way to infuse this look into your bathroom space is through wood flooring which can be continued to the walls or contrasted with natural stone or marble. Certain to give bathrooms a tranquil, spa like quality, these natural elements will also stand the test of time. Easy to care for and timeless.

We’re loving these new trends and are dreaming of where we can see them come it your project that we will see them come true?

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