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The Colors of Summer - Keeping Cool when it’s Hot!

What’s summer without a trip to your favorite ice cream or gelato place? The colors of summer are icy cool and clean, bright and clear, shiny and smooth. Choosing your favorite flavor of ice cream can really be like choosing your favorite paint color….we go with what we like regardless of the reason. Your perfect palette of tile can be introduced on a single wall or multiple walls if you’re feeling brave and looking for that pop of color that can inspire all year through.

Today cement tiles are seen as the newest trend but in reality they first appeared in Calalonia in the 1850's. Widely used in Europe, they owed their popularity to the fact that they were cheaper, more durable and easier to make than the handmade glazed ceramic tiles that were previously in style. The ability to customize the patterns added to the allure. Today's cement tiles are not cement at all but are porcelain. Fired at higher temperatures than ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are perfect for today's high traffic applications both indoors and out. Where will you use these vintage styled tiles?

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