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Mosaic as a decorative technique has been successfully used for centuries. Today, decorators have also not forgotten about it, appreciating the atmosphere mosaic can bring to the interior. They use it willingly in arrangements of small bathrooms as well as large bathrooms.

Mosaics can be successfully utilized in both modern and classic styles, in rooms with small dimensions, as well as large spacious bathrooms.  Mosaic is a small tile that allows for an effective interior finish. Mosaics have this extraordinary advantage, that with their help, you can create a unique, beautiful, and personalized interior. Using mosaics in a bathroom decorated in a classical style, it is worth it to ensure that it adorns the central part of the bathroom. 

Modern bathroom trends reach for the combination of classic mosaic combined with simple and bright large tiles. Mosaic is a jewelry that gives the interior an amazing and distinctive character. It can be laid on walls, ceilings, small toiletry shelves, and mirror frames. A large selection of mosaics on the market means that there is a lot to choose from. We have various types of mosaics, such as ceramic, glass, stone, which could be with or without gloss.   

The use of mosaics will fulfill a decorative task. Designers recommend its use in moderation. The best rule when choosing small mosaics, is to match the ceramic tile with similar shades. Large mosaic elements pair well with color. The lightest shade of tile color should be on top, classic shades can be at eye level and the darkest should be placed at the bottom. This solution will divide the space nicely without compromising it optically. In glamour styled bathrooms, the mosaic should have a metallic glow

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