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There’s something about nature that restores us, body and soul. Scientists have now proven that living near the beach leads to quantifiably better health, so it’s no wonder so many of us are drawn to anything with that effortless California vibe. Organic textures and natural colors soften contemporary looks. The “new” traditional is at the forefront of the story. Shapes, styles and colors are adding a new layer of sophistication. 2018 is the year of comforting, calming, clutter free feeling to your home.



Concrete is no longer associated with the grey tones of the city. The material now has a warmer, more organic feel. The shapes are rounder, more reminiscent of nature than urban environments. There are references to river rocks, sculpture and artistic motifs.

Mixing the textures and shapes of the tile, rather than the colors creates a fresh and light result.

Keep that in mind as you figure out what materials will ultimately find their way into your space, always look for what speaks to you and tells your story. Good design is never about keeping up with anyone. Your home is the canvas upon which you paint your life’s memories, so good design should feel like a custom palette and set of brushes, lovingly made to express your unique story and lifestyle.

Staying on top of what is the latest and the greatest in home design, fashion and trends is our business...we love to see your reactions to what is new and exciting because we love it too! Our designers are ready to help you move your dreams off your pin boards and into your home!

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